Tours and Travel

Tours and Travel

Guided tours

1. Touristic and historical tour (75 minutes) through the city centre of Ghent.

In Dutch, English or in dialect of Ghent. Start: lobby or bar of NH hotel, Belfortstraat-Hoogstraat, Gent. End: Café Den Turk, Botermarkt, Gent (in front of city hall)

Contact for reservations (max 15 persons per group) 0476/89 87 72.

2. Ghent between the ‘mountains’.  A 2 hours City tour discovering and climbing about 15  ‘mountains’ (bergen). Start : Kattenberg (highest point in Gent, 29 m asl) near the Water Towers. End: Zandberg (13 m asl) near Saint Baafs Cathedral.

Contact for reservations (max 15 persons per group) 0476/89 87 72.

3. In and around Fratersplein, Gent : A 1 hour guided tour on the occasion of 200 years ‘Treaty of Ghent’ (1814-2014) with visit to the former ‘Treaty’ room.

4.Student Tourist tour in Ghent (month of July) in cooperation with the ‘Nederlandse Taalunie’  and with Ghent University.

A 1,5 tour in Dutch starting at the Sint Pietersplein and ending in the Pacification Room of the City Hall of Ghent

Travels and expeditions

1993: Desert expedition Bruges-Paris- Tanger-Dakar with jeeps, motorcycles, trucks and with Belgian TV

1994: Desert expedition Trans Mauretania, with jeeps and motorcycles and truck and with Flemish TV

1999: Visit to Manchester United-Everton soccer game

1999: Madrid-Ghent running relay on the occasion of 500th Birthday of Charles V , emperor, born in Ghent in 1500

2010: 3 weeks guided tour through Venezuela

2018: Promotion mission of the Faculty of BioSciences Engineering of Ghent University in Mexico and Colombia

2019: Boat Cruise:  Sint Petersburg-Moscou (Russia)

2019: Tourist visit of the City of Barcelona with a visit at  the Stadion ‘Camp Nau’, FC Barcelona



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